Zeeland Campus

Sloegebied zeeland
With room for further expansion

Prevailling winds and sun makes Zeeland ideal for producing renewable energy

The site of The Green Bay data center is near Vlissingen in Zeeland, The Netherlands.

The Green Bay has chosen this location for a number of reasons:  

·       The supply of reliable green energy from Dutch wind farms, 

·       The availability of industrial water for cooling, 

·       Enough land available for current and future requirements, at a remarkably low cost, 

·       Possibility to use residual heat 


Wind power 

Zeeland encourages the installation and operation of wind turbines to help produce sustainable energy in the Netherlands. The national and provincial government, local authorities and promoters of wind energy work together on these projects. 

Since 2009 the Netherlands is investing hugely in construction of new wind parks at sea. The first parks have been constructed and are operational. These parks will be terminated on-shore on two locations in The Netherlands: one of them is closely to our plot in Zeeland. We have arranged that our power supply is of origin off the Dutch wind parks. 

Solar power 

Zeeland is the sunniest province of the Netherlands. Many companies are taking advantage of the sunshine to build solar parks. 

Wind farms produce their highest output in the winter. In the summer, solar makes up for the lower production of wind energy. The corporate owners of the Kreekraksluis wind farm are adding solar panels to their park. 

Eneco and Scaldia are developing solar parks. As they will lie in Vlissingen, not far from The Green Bay site, they offer the potential to add solar power to our facilities.

Tidal power 

Tidal or marine energy will be the next green-power source to come online. In the Netherlands, government, market, civil and public organizations are studying different approaches together. Conducting much of their research around the huge dams of the Delta Works, they conclude that tidal power will be practical and affordable in the future.  

The Delta Works 

The Delta Works defense system protects the Netherlands against flooding from the sea in the provinces of Zeeland, southern South Holland and North Brabant. The American Society of Civil Engineers considers the Delta Works system of locks, dams and dikes to be one of the seven wonders of the modern world.