Permit granted and irrevocable

Ready to build. No impact of current nitrogen discussion


The Green Bay has successfully applied for a permit at the local council of the municipality of Borsele, which is responsible for the part of the Sloe harbor area where The Green Bay datacenter is project. 

During an extensive permitting process all stakeholders (municipality, port authorities of North Sea Port, security region, department of water ways and nature management) collaborated during several months in order to complete the formal process. 



The Green Bay, with support of RoayalHaskoning, executed several required investigations:

  • environmental investigation
  • acoustic research
  • analysis available soil investigations
  • nature test
  • security analysis

Outcome of these investigations was that both the Province of Zeeland and the local council of municipality gave a statement of no objection closely after the summer of 2018. 

The formal procedure was closed by December 2018 and by March 2019 the permit became irrevocable for an infinite period of time. 

Because of this, The Green Bay project will not suffer from any potential risk of delay by current nitrogen discussion is The Netherlands. 

In contrary of the city of Amsterdam the province of Zeeland and the municipality of Borsele are very enthusiastic and supportive towards The Green Bay's initiative of building a. new sustainable datacenter in de Sloe area.  


• Permit for a 33 MW granted and became irrevocable in March 2019