Renewable power supply

We understand that reliable power supply is critical for a datacenter. So ours will achieve the highest standards for reliability.

The Green Bay data center operates 100% on wind energy from the North Sea. We will get this power from Vattenfall, one of the most-sustainable energy companies in Europe. Besides a large installed base in wind farms in the Nordics, Vattenfall also owns mega windfarms at the Dutch North Sea. It will supply this power to The Green Bay facility via the 150/380KV power station. 

Two new 90MW transformers will connect to the 150KV level, one in active mode and a secondary in passive mode. A dual rail is available; from each rail, two 20KV cables (total four cables) link the energy grid to our data center. 

For emergency power, The Green Bay will basically rely on Natural Gas Generators, more sustainable than a diesel generator and almost pollution free. But using the Natural Gas Generators only for emergency power you ignore economical advantages of a Natural Gas Generator. So The Green Bay investigate a way to use the Natural Gas Generators for a secondary functions: 

Power generation when price level of power from the grid is high! 

The price of power is depending on market fluctuation. The market fluctuation is determined by the power demand and power production. With the continuously grow of new built renewable energy sources it is expected that the market fluctuation will increase. The Green Bay is able to take advantages by powering-up the Natural Gas Generators when power price is high. The Green Bay will include this procedure in the standard modus operandum rather than testing the Natural Gas Generators. These advantages will lead to an attractive competitive price level for our customers.   

Here are facts about our electrical power system: 

• The capacity of our grid connection will equal 2 x 60MW. 

• Enduris will install the cable connections on behalf of The Green Bay. 

• Data center power demand will be approximately 40MW. 

Dual transformers per suite will transform the 20KV input to 400V. Distributing high voltage as close as possible to the systems keeps power loss to the minimum. 

The 400V feed will connect to a Uninterruptible Power System). In the standard situation, a UPS in the A-feed will provide 10 minutes of resilience. The B-feed will have network filter for protection from power-grid incidents. 

Because we are designing the power system to comply with the Tier IV Data Center Site Infrastructure Tier Standard of The Uptime Institute**, The Green
Bay expects to offer an extremely high uptime of > 99.999%. In practice, this will be 100%. 

The Green Bay will guarantee Natural Gas supply for 48 hours. 

As an option customers can choose for a three hour battery back-up instead of Natural Gas Generator for emergency power uses. If customer choose this option the resilience of the UPS will be upgrade from 10 minutes to three hour. The Green Bay is able to offer this option because the facility is directly connected to a power station with the highest availability in the European electrical energy grid. By using the battery back-up facility rather than the Natural Gas Generator the data center facility is a zero emission and fossil free facility. With a battery back-up facility customer are compliant to the highest sustainability targets nowadays achievable.  

The Green Bay is planning to use the approximately 16.500m2 roof-top for 1.8MW solar power system. The use of this solar power system will increase the PUE of the data center.